Hire Me!

Do you need a backend developer to join your team? Let me help you

Tech Skills

  • I have lot of experience in writing PHP codes using Laravel (4.2/5) or Lumen. Specially writing REST APIs.
  • Familiar with ELK Stack (Elasticsearch/Logstash/Kibana), I had used it to analyze web server logs (nginx) in order to troubleshoot outage and changes in traffic patterns.
  • Comfortable in using Linux commands (debian distro) and a little bit of bash shell scripting. I could setup Apache, Nginx, MySQL, Redis, Memcached just via SSH when you give me a linux server (baremetal or VPS)
  • Basics skills in NodeJS: writing ReactJS components, CommonJS modules and creating CLI tools
  • I can work and author Docker containers with basic skills in Docker Swarm and Kubernetes.
  • Knowledgeable with Continous Integration and Continous Delivery Workflow (Jenkins, Gitlab CI and Bamboo)
  • Familiar with Adult Industry tools and 3rd Party Integrations: TMM NATS, Segpay, Epoch, Netbilling, ElevatedX -- yep, I have worked with adult industry tube sites, paysite etc :)
  • Has a strong grasp with BDD (Behat and Gherkin), Test-Driven Development (PHPUnit) and Domain-Driven Design

Team and Workflow Skills

  • Had worked under teams using Agile/Scrum methodology.
  • Had managed 2-3 junior developers in past projects, and can perform code review and mentoring
  • Project planning using JIRA and documenting processes using Confluence

Soft Skills

  • Communication - I could carry conversation with both business-people using laymans term, and then translate them into technical specifications that programmers can understand. I'm most effective when I communicate via writing (e.g. emails, system documentation etc) as I'm not native english speaker.
  • Flexibility - I could wear several hats when your business requires it. For example, I could function as a programmer, business analyst, consultant, project manager etc.
  • Integrity - with or with NDA, I always treat my clients' data with utmost care.

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