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Web App to Share Secrets via one-time urls

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Share data securely!

Whenever you are pasting ssh credentials, passwords and other sensitive info in a private message or email, you are risking that information to get leaked out in the Internet!
One common solution for that is to use a web-based tool where you can paste a text, it will generate a link to view that text, once the link is visited, the text is automatically destroyed.

There is a lot of free websites that offers such service, but you can't always guarantee that those sites actually deletes those data that you pasted?

An alternative solution for that is to host your own app in your own server. So that you have a total control of every aspect of that app and ensures maximum confidentiality of secrets that you are posting

One-Time Only is a web application that you can run in your own server. It uses battle-hardened Java-based solution to ensure your app is secure, it also uses in-memory database, thus, it actually doesn't save or persist the data in a file. This reduces the likelihood that someone will directly get those information in your database backend for example.

Check out the READMEfile for more info on how to run and set it up in your own server.