Capturing your Internet Activity

Posted by Darwin Biler on March 6, 2013

Do you ever wonder how long you've been surfing the net, what sites you visits most and how long you stay on those sites?

Whether for fun or  you just want to put some limits on how much time you should spend time on Internet, this statistical data is very important. This could be also used by some employer to trace if their employee is really doing their job or they spend most of their time in Facebook.

The archify  browser add-on  installed  in your browser can gather such data regularly as you surf the net. Generally, you don't need to do anything after the add-on is installed, it just silently records your Internet activity on the background.It works somewhat like the browser history, but in this case, the history is stored in the cloud - thus accessible even after you had cleared your browser history.

Using the service is free. All you gonna need is either a FB, Twitter or email account to signup. There is an admin page on the website of where you can view :

  1. Most Visited Websites
  2. Websites where you spend time the most
  3. Where you are when you visit those websites
  4. Referers of those websites
  5. Usage graphs which is available hourly or weekly

There is lot more information that can you see in the admin. They are all pretty interesting since you are able to review your own Internet activity -- well, seems much more interesting if you are trying to trace the Internet activity of your child.


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