Projects and companies I've worked on
I'm not really a designer (but I know how to identify a good design vs not), so there is no cool flashy graphics or website thumbnails I could show you. However, I have worked and working with a lot of serious projects.


Operations Technical Support (DevOps)

Perform troubleshooting, server setup optimization, code hot-fixing and post-mortem analysis of issues that occurs in production servers of members.teamskeet.com and the other 3rd party services on which it integrates into. Such as TMM NATS, NetBilling, Epoch, CCBill and SEGPAY. Using combination of Kibana, DataDog, NewRelic and Pingdom, audit trail and git commits in Gitlab, we need to define the root-cause analysis of why things are broken in production and how huge its impact is in the business.

Laravel Best Practices

previously the Laravel The Right Way site. It is a collection of curated best-practices for using Laravel Framework. I'ts a community of Laravel developers who would like to share their real-world experiences and industry-proven techniques in deploying Laravel applications

Composer Library Template

If you are trying to create a new PHP Composer library, whether it will be going to submitted to packagist.org or just in your Github account, this tool allows you to create a new one with ease by providing you a boilerplate code

Server Migration of 100+ apps into new DataCenter

Collaborating with our hosting provider Reflected.net, I'm responsible in creating migration plan by identifying which microservice and application should be moved first by analyzing each app dependency. Strategically aligning schedules and resources required in order to migrate the apps in new datacenter with least possible downtime and low impact to surfers.

Custom Analytics and Tracking System Using ElasticSearch

Built a Laravel Package that allows you to store Clicks, Impressions and Joins data into ElasticSearch Cluster, storing the data in different index per day, distributed into 3 shards. The data is then queried using Aggregrations, utilizing multiple shards (stored in 3 nodes). The design allows high throughput data ingestion as well as high reads in around ~500-900 million to in less than a second.

Migration of Teamskeet properties to New Hosting Provider

Collaborated with system administrator on building and setting up the IT infrastructure, including not limited to:

  • Provisioning of around 30+ servers, running in Debian OS
  • Identifying and setting up PHP web applications alongside with their respective MySQL Databases
  • Moving NATS installation and setting up MySQL replica cluster
  • Setting up Web Application Firewall and ProxyPass
  • Configuring and Importing email accounts to the new email server
  • Setting up Wowza and cloud storage for media files
  • Refactoring around 100+ apps to use HLS/RTMP stream of videos and moving static assets (js,css,images) to CDN frontend.

Employment History

Senior PHP Developer (Remote)

Paperstreet Media LLC, Miami Florida, FEBRUARY 2011 - December 2019 (8 years)

Creation, scaling, fine-tuning and monitoring of multi-tier web applications using microservices (Lumen/ Restler / Laravel 5 and 4.2) to handle enormous amount of traffic for one of the most highly-trafficked network of sites : Teamskeet.com, averaging ~28 million requests per day. This includes setting up web server farm (nginx or apache + haproxy), caching server (memcached), queue services (redis/beanstalkd) and data persistence layers (MySQL, ElasticSearch, MongoDB).

Junior PHP Developer

Keystroke Investment and Development, Manila JULY 2009 - JANUARY 2011 (2 years)

Web Development, Inventory System, SEO, Data Mining, System Analysis using MySQL, jQuery, PHP and ActionScript.

Visual Basic 6 Application Developer

St. Jude Multi-Purpose Cooperative, Quezon Province JANUARY 2008 - JUNE 2009 (1 year)

Extract, transform and create reports for financial data from legacy system using Visual Basic 6 and MS Access.