Google Glass Explorer Edition - Phone in your eyewear

Posted by Darwin Biler on June 28, 2012

We were raised to believe that touchscreen phones (e.g. iPhone) are the coolest gadget you can have.
Google is changing that game, touchscreen phones will gonna be a part of the past if this gadget succeed  on making its way to its full blown usability
This initiative was a part of a project called "Project Glass" of Google, to bring what they called Augmented Reality to our eyeglasses and make the actual eye-wear recognize what we actually see.

For example, uploading to Facebook the view you currently looking at  by just saying a word. The eyeglasses itself will capture the picture and upload it to your wall.

This is unlike traditional way of taking picture, wherein you need to get your phone and click it, with Google Glass, there is no need for it, you can take picture with your eyeglasses alone!

See some more details about this gadget at this youtube video:

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