Why do diamonds are precious?

Posted by Darwin Biler on March 8, 2012

A single piece of diamond can have a price equal to millions. Why?
you might think the answer is very simple: because like gold it is scarce and precious.

But in reality, there are deeper reason about it. There is something unique to diamonds, thats why it is hailed as one of the precious thing in this world.

1. its the hardest object known to man. nothing is stronger and harder than diamonds
2. it is a pure carbon atoms which is aligned in a crystal form
3. it is the future of the electronics industry- right now, silicon chips are the most prominent material used for electronics. the problem with it is, at certain temperature near the boiling point of water, it begins to fail and melt.
4. it can handle more electricity current- copper when being used as a media for electricity is subject to different problems and limitations. most of the time you need a really big copper wire to make a current pass through it. with diamonds, it can conduct more current and can stand temperature w/o melting

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